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Load AssessmentLoad Assessment for light loads and heavy loads of the building or industry in order to calculate the system capacity required.
Prefeasibility StudyPrefeasibility Study of the available area to analyze system capacity possible and testing structure and climatic parameters for stability to support the module load, shading and grid accessibility connectivity.
Vendor FinalizationVendor Finalization for equipment’s required all through the project along with qualified civil and
Electrical contractors.
Project PlanningProject Planning including preparation of detailed engineering drawings, project execution plant, system sizing and plant lay out.
Delivery of EquipmentDelivery of Equipment to project site after comprehensive testing done based on random sampling to ensure quality and consistency.
Installation and CommissioningInstallation and Commissioning of the plant’s mounting structure, modules and other electrical equipment’s. This also covers the deployment of necessary monitoring system. Conducting test run and final handing over is done further to this.
Electrical Direct Current ( Pre Inverter)
Plot Plan LayoutShadow losses can be significant depending on distance between modules
Module Series & Parallel CombinationCan lead to cost overrun in case of over sizing & electrical hazards in case undersized
String Combiner BoxBus bar size is critical to the safety of equipment and enough redundancy ensures higher equipment uptime
Cable SizingIncreases cost and losses if inappropriately sized
InverterDepending on Technology rated voltage might significantly differ from running voltage
Electrical Alternative Current ( Post Inverter)
Transformer RatingCan lead to loss in energy generation if local quality
LT and HT PanelsInappropriate Circuit Breaker poses risk to electrical system and appropriate CT/PT ratio ensures higher accuracy
Conductor SizingIncreases cost & losses if inappropriately sized